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Our extensive Smart Home product range allows you to give your home a smart upgrade it deserves. Legate Smart Home makes your home safer, more comfortable, and energy-efficient. It saves you time and handles tasks for you, allowing you to enjoy living in your home.

Legate Invisible Grilles are made up of 316 Stainless steel. There are three (3) types of Invisible Grille which are Fixed Invisible Grille, Fixed Frame Invisible Grille and Open type of Invisible Grille

It can be horizontal or vertical depending on your needs and requirements and upon the approval of The Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) refers to the managing body of a condo.

Fixed Invisible Grille for Balcony:

2. The second type is FIXED FRAME Invisible Grille which is usually install in Condominiums which has a full glass window. We install an additional frame if there is no concrete wall to drill a fixed invisible grille.

It can be horizontal or vertical depending on the approval of The Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) refers to the managing body of a condo.

FIXED FRAME Invisible Grille:

3. The third type is Open type of Invisible Grille. It can be BiFold, Casement or Sliding. This type of invisible grille which you can fully open can be installed in Condominium Bedrooms and HDB Bedrooms. It is also advisable for HDB Service Yard.

BiFold Type:

Casement Type:

Sliding Type:

Metal Grille (Mild Steel)

Mild Steel is made of low Carbon and Silicon. It has low tensile strength when it is compare to invisible grille which a high tensile strength.

Legate SmartDry( Smart Elevated Dryer )

Easy-to-operate Smart Elevated Dryer, Wireless Remote Control up to 30 meters. Energy saving UV Antibacterial Light & High-speed Air dryer. German-made motorized technology.

Key Features:

  • Solar tubes and air circulators
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Full LED light
  • Telescopic poles for larger textiles
  • Quiet motor operation
  • Side-folding scissor mechanism and steel cable
  • Colossal capacity of 35KG
  • Stylish design with powder coat finish
  • Obstacle detection safety measure
  • Passed 100,000 cycles test

How about grille with stainless steel net? This is the latest product of Legate called Mozzie Grille A+. The Best Solution to Protect Your Loved Ones from Zika & Dengue Mosquito Attack! Click here for more

Legate has aluminum Grille that has the advantage of lightness that has a high mechanical strength too. It is considered as one of the best security. We are applying a powder coat to make it rust proof. It is zero maintenance, safe and secured that will provide you and your family a peace of mind. Most of the HDB homeowners prefer aluminium grille for their homes.


with double roller and multiple blinds for large windows are all designed to satisfy different preferences and operational needs, paying particular attention also to the safety of children.


The roller mechanism functions with low energy losses due to friction, low noise and smooth operation.


Comes with 8 Stainless Bearings For SMOOTH PULLING EXPERIENCE.

Legate is promoting a "Nature Play at Home" Have you tried creating a small playground for your little ones at your Balcony? You can maximize your Balcony by having a Soft Carpet Grass too.

LTo make your Balcony different from the others and to be unique, Legate's Multiwall got great ideas! Brilliant, unusual and creative.

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