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Fixed Invisible Grille are type of Grilles that are fix or cannot be open. It is usually installed in Balcony or Bedrooms The Gap spaces can be two, three or four inches. If you are having a child ages 3 years old and below, a gap of 3 inches is advisable. If you are having a lovely cat then 2 inches is advisable. Invisible Grille makes your home safe and secured and makes your home stylish.

FIXED FRAME Invisible Grilleis usually install in Condominiums which has a full glass window. We install an additional frame if there is no concrete wall to drill a fixed invisible grille. It can be horizontal or vertical depending on the approval of The Management Corporation Strata Title (MCST) refers to the managing body of a condo.

Open type of Invisible Grille. It can be BiFold, Casement or Sliding. This type of invisible grille which you can fully open can be installed in Condominium Bedrooms and HDB Bedrooms. It is also advisable for HDB Service Yard.

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