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About Us


Legate is Singapore’s most known and trusted provider of home lifestyle solutions. Legate has over eighteen years of experience in innovating new products that offer convenience and protection for your home and family. At Legate, we aim to be your one-stop-shop for all aspects of your home lifestyle needs to enhance and elevate your everyday life.


Legate has deep expertise in supplying and installation of invisible grilles, window grilles, gates, blinds, turf carpets, louvres, and the latest addition to our extensive range of products, our Smart Home solutions.


Legate formerly known as “Securi-Tec” was established and launched automation gates, security systems, intercom integration and structured metal works and roofing.

In May 1st, 2006, Securi-Tec officially evolved into “Legate” and expanded into different departments from Sales, Operations, Accounts, Marketing to Information Technology

Legate Invisible Grille was born, a fruit of our desire to innovate and transform the way people live.

Legate Enterprise Pte Ltd was established

Started research and development for Smart Home Solutions

Data Hive Solutions (DHS) Inception, paving the way for Legate’s Digital Transformation

Development of Smart Home Application and launch of Legate Smart Home Products

In May, we launched the Legate Lifestyle App. Which has added features of booking, events, AR, games