Legate UltraZip

Shade your balcony from the harmful heat of the sun, wind and insects


Maximize the amount of usable space in your home while transforming your balcony into a cozy, shaded haven. The Legate UltraZip is inspired by Australian Designed and manufactured in Singapore.

At Legate, we always ensure that we provide the best products to our customers. Our product and development team spent over four years conducting research and testing materials, designing countless prototypes. The result? The improved and most-advanced solution for outdoor blinds. Introducing the Legate UltraZip.

Create your outdoor living space with total control and flexibility

Advantages and Benefits

  • Enjoy five year warranty for both mechanism and accessories excluding fabric
  • Add up as a modern and stylish element to your home
  • Cost-effective and energy efficient
  • Secure and seamless installation

Legate UltraZip Fabric